When the familygathers round

It's a shame that it usually takes as major event for a gathering of extended family to take place.

A big birthday, wedding or funeral will generally see people travel from all over the country – and even abroad – to put in an appearance.

There will, of course, be many people who you have regular contact with but plenty more who you haven’t clapped eyes on for months or even years, and there will even be a smattering whose face you remember but whose name you can’t quite recollect.

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Such it was on Tuesday my wife’s side of the family joined together to say their final farewells to her gran.

She was a good age and had been ill for some time but that still didn’t lessen the pain for those who turned out to pay respects.

With the funeral over, however, it was time to relax a bit, enjoy a drink and some nice food and share some memories.

The time flew by and it was early evening before we eventually headed home but there were others remaining who looked set for a few more hours yet.

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The hugs and handshakes as we left were followed by promises that we would meet again soon, but whether we actually will or not is another story.

I’m sure that scene is repeated at the majority of such gatherings ... and then again at the occasion without anyone ever 
having taken the time to make it happen.

I really hope that won’t be what happens with us but will people really make the same 
effort for what’s basically a big knees-up as they would for a more formal