What legacy the BB in times of change?

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The Battalion is grateful for the recent coverage given by The Falkirk Herald for two well attended events in The Anchor Boy Fun Day and last week’s TurnaBBouT at Falkirk Town Hall.

Unfortunately the press article for the latter was unable to predict the illness of the Falkirk Presbytery Moderator The Rev. George Macdonald who at the last minute was unable to be present. We wish him well. Also the indicated numbers attending were a bit lower, but none of this detracted from the overall effect of a great night reflecting well on all involved in the organising, those taking part, the staff of Falkirk Town Hall and of course all the BB members who attended this annual (alternative) service of worship. Each year I wonder how many church members remember services they attend as opposed to many of these boys who have gone away from the events over the last ten years, with laughter and smiles. Some indeed now may have attended all ten of the services!

The Acting Brigade secretary/CEO, Bill Stevenson attended ‘TurnaBBouT’ and spoke to those taking part, on the day before the BB Scottish Conference in Perth. Bill, previously the Director for Scotland now works in
part from the National Head-quarters in Hemel Hempstead.

An innovation from there is the intended launch of the ‘Online Business Manager’ in May 2016 . The ‘OBM’ will assist local BB Companies in administration and communication, as well as replacing the current headquarters database.

Another local document soon to be updated is the Battalion Constitution last overhauled in 2002 and made necessary because of changes in the Brigade and updating administrative practices. Comments will be invited on the draft to ensure the document is as accurate, practical and lasting as possible during ever ongoing changes.