What about some decent service?

Scott McAngus
Scott McAngus
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The term “the customer is always right” is losing its significance in the modern age and I’m not happy about it.

The customer isn’t always right, trust me. I’ve worked in a few jobs serving the public and ‘the customer’ can sometimes be a nasty so-and-so as well as being completely wrong.

For me, the term means that companies and their staff will do the very best they can for you to make sure you get your money’s worth and you get the service or product that was promised so that it’s not an inconvenience for you.

That just doesn’t happen these days. Have you ever passed Falkirk Post Office in the evening? Heaven forfend you’re not in to receive a parcel through the post because you’re going to have some wait in that queue which goes right along Garrison Place.

The recent wet weather got me down too when the windows in my house started leaking because they are, basically, rubbish. I called the council and couldn’t get through to speak to someone for two whole days. What kind of service is that?

I was on the train to Edinburgh leaving from Uphall one Sunday when Hearts were playing Celtic in the capital. Two hours before kick-off and they put on a train with two carriages. By the time it reached my station it was completely packed, hardly even room for standing. When it got to Edinburgh Park, families visiting the popular Winter Wonderland couldn’t even get on.

Companies and organisations will tell you they have to make cutbacks and have “streamlined” their services for the years ahead. But if this is how our services will be in the future, we’re going to have one crabbit nation.

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