Wedding season is with us once more

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

Well folks, it’s almost that time again - wedding season is nearly here.

This year I only have two weddings to attend, but my daughter Emma has an incredible 16 to go to including two on the same day.

Now that I’m a bit older, the only weddings I generally get invited to are that of friends’ children, or occasionally the reception of a work colleague. But Emma and her husband are of the age that everyone seems to be getting hitched.

Poor Emma doesn’t even think they’ll manage a summer holiday thanks to the huge financial burden of going to so many dos. With the hen night, wedding gift and transport or even hotel accommodation, weddings are not just a hit on the pocket of the bride and groom. Guests have to shell out a lot too, particularly the women, who can’t be seen in the same dress 16 times in one year.

Despite the cost, I’ve always loved weddings - even though my own wedding didn’t last the distance.

Even if I don’t know the couple particularly well, I need to pack hankies in my bag because I’m guaranteed to be bubbling before the bride reaches the aisle.

There is something so romantic about a couple standing together at the altar, declaring their desire to spend their lives together.

As I’m religious, church weddings are particularly special to me. In my opinion there is no better way to get married than in front of God, but I was impressed with a Humanist wedding I went to last year.

I didn’t know anything about them, but it was a very personal ceremony, to which the couple added things that are important to them. This couple have two children, and the Humanist wedding allowed them to have the kids do a reading and they helped to tie their parents hands together with twine as a symbolic gesture.

The ceremony included pop songs that were important to them and the celebrant included all the guests by asking us to touch the wedding rings and pass on our good wishes.

It was lovely and much more personal than a civil ceremony,

While I enjoyed the day, it didn’t change my mind over my favourite type of wedding. Declaring to God your intentions is the most romantic thing you could possibly do.