We will not tolerate hate crime offences

Officers from Falkirk were recently involved in Hate Crime Awareness Week.

Chief Inspector Damian Armstrong
Chief Inspector Damian Armstrong

Hate crime is a priority for local officers and the campaign sought to reinforce the message that prejudice based on sexual orientation, transgender identity, disability, racial or religious lines will not be tolerated.

Over the years hate crime has been under-reported with victims not always believing they have been a victim or hoping that ignoring it will make it go away.

Hate Crime Awareness Week aimed to provide a greater understanding in our communities about what constitutes hate crime and how it can be reported.

It is unacceptable for certain members of our communities to think targeting people who are different to them is acceptable behavior.

Local officers are working with partners to bring those responsible to justice.

There are third party reporting centres in community resources, such as local housing offices, where trained members of staff can take the report and forward it to the police. Click the third party reporting logo on the Police Scotland website for more details.