We were just not made for these hot, dry times

Stephen Couse is looking forward to winter
Stephen Couse is looking forward to winter

This year we have enjoyed the kind of summer we usually complain that we never have in Scotland.

One of the hottest and driest years on record has seen us rejoice in beer gardens normally reserved for the one-week summer we get.

But I think it is time to concede that we cannot handle this ‘taps aff’ weather for very long at all.

People will shout me down, begging not to curse this spell that has seen temperatures well over 20 degrees most days.

I agree that it has been wonderful in many ways.

The summer festivals such as TRNSMT have enjoyed weather that has eliminated the need for wellies and waterproof ponchos, usually essentials for the Scottish festival-goer.

Those beer gardens have been sensational for the World Cup games, and the local gala days have almost all enjoyed spectacular weather.

Yet the country has in some ways began to descend into chaos.

The Glasgow Science Centre is melting, trains have been cancelled amid fears of railway lines buckling under the heat and water companies are begging the public to use water wisely after a massive increase in demand.

There are pleas for pet owners not to leave their dogs in hot cars, with the SSPCA receiving an increase of 80 per cent in calls regarding the issue.

While that particular issue is down to neglect from pet owners, it feels like as a nation we just were not made for sustained, blistering heat.

There is part of me that wishes I could have a comfortable night’s sleep without having every window in the house open, yearning for those chilly, crisp Scotland nights we normally get.

I say roll on winter 2018.