We need to remember how to have a laugh

The BAFTA's should of been remembered for highlighting the amazing talent on offer across various art forms.

However, as usual, people seem to be obsessing over comments made by host Stephen Fry.

Sadly one of the country’s most well-loved national treasures has been bombarded with criticism following a joke.

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After costume designer Jenny Beavan accepted her BAFTA for Mad Max: Fury Road, Mr Fry referred to her as a bag lady – cue horrified gasps.

Many keyboard warriors were quick to point out their disgust at the man and how could he say such a thing.

However, as the exiting-QI host pointed out, his friend Jenny got the joke and no harm was done.

This is yet another example of people looking for something to moan about and express their outrage on Twitter.

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It seems a percentage of the population has lost their sense of humour and forgot how to have a laugh.

Sadly the public outrage on Twitter has led to Stephen Fry leaving the website. He said: “I like to believe I haven’t slammed the door, much less stalked off in a huff throwing my toys out of the pram as I go or however one should phrase it.”

Let’s hope his statement doesn’t ruffle any more feathers or who knows how we might react.

The spotlight was sadly taken off some very deserving winners; Leo finally broke his BAFTA duck with the Revenant and John Boyega scooped the rising star award for his excellent role in Star Wars.

The best advice given to Stephen Fry came from fellow comedian Matt Lucas.

He said: “Didn’t you get the memo? No-one is allowed to do jokes anymore.”