We must help refugees

Kirsty Beaton.
Kirsty Beaton.

The other day I found myself on a newspaper site – I won’t mention the name but it rhymes with Fail.

The lead story was pictures of the harrowing scenes in Macedonia, where thousands of misplaced migrants have found themselves trapped in no man’s land as they try to head to Europe and safety.

The images were powerful stuff with entire families holding their life possessions and children in their hands as they tried to battle through the border and police barricades.

Most were fleeing war torn Syria and heading north, away from the over-crowded refugee camps in Turkey and Jordan. The journey would have been perilous, with much conducted on foot and so far this year alone, over 2300 refugees have been killed trying to cross water in boats not fit for purpose.

The Syrian crisis truly is the biggest humanitarian disaster in our lifetimes and already the refugee influx is being compared to World War Two.

And the top comments on this news article?

They were all along the lines of ‘go back where you came from’, ‘Europe is full’ and ‘they’ll be wanting a free council house in the UK’.

These opinions had over 2000 likes each – is this really what we feel to mankind? That images of young children sleeping in the dirt with no shoes conjure responses of ‘go home’?

The situation in their home country is desperate and we are so heartless, and spurred by xenophobic messages in the media, that we want nothing to do with them? These people, regardless of colour or religion, are human beings going through hell.

I don’t know that the answer to helping these people is, but the answer certainly isn’t turning the other cheek,