Urge your child to walk to school

Chief Inspector Mandy Paterson
Chief Inspector Mandy Paterson

I regularly receive e-mails and calls from the community in relation to issues of concern.

The most popular topic by far, relates to concerns around driver behaviour and parking offences in the vicinity of schools.

We have tried providing educational inputs to combat this issue, enforcement through warnings or tickets to drivers.

However, we find that these provide only short-term behaviour change and things quickly return to normal.

A plea therefore from me – I know we all have busy lives and taking the car on the school run is so much easier, but parents, grandparents and guardians are both the problem and the solution to this issue.

I know we all want to keep our children safe, so where you can, I would ask that you look to encourage your child to walk, cycle
or take their scooter to school.

It’s healthier for them too!

And finally ... our ever-popular mounted branch returned to Falkirk on Friday, catching one man drinking in public and a woman in breach of curfew bail ... neigh bother.

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