Upholding rights to peaceful protest for Trump visit

Chief Inspector Damian Armstrong
Chief Inspector Damian Armstrong

With the visit to Scotland of Donald Trump, President of the United States of America this week, a large scale procession rally is planned today (Saturday) within Edinburgh’s City Centre.

Organisers anticipate approximately 10,000 participants and this will require a significant police and partner agency operation to facilitate the event.

The public have the right to peaceful protest and Police Scotland will work with demonstration organisers and protestors to facilitate that right. P

olice Scotland seeks to maintain the safety and wellbeing of persons attending any protests by upholding the law, preventing crime and disorder, keeping the peace, protecting and reassuring communities, investigating crime and bringing offenders to justice whilst facilitating an individual’s fundamental rights under the Human Rights Act around ‘Peaceful Protest’.

We act with integrity, fairness and respect, being sensitive to the needs and dignity of all attending and work closely with protest groups, businesses, communities, partners and key stakeholders, listening to their views and needs before, during and after events of this nature.

Locally, you may also have read or seen footage in the media or on social media recently of demonstrations in our communities.

The Police approach to such events is the same, albeit on a smaller scale but with the intention as always to provide public reassurance and maintain community confidence.

Again, if you intend to take part in such protest please be aware of your rights and what could happen if things go wrong.

We are there to help you, not to be judgemental so if you need help, if you are worried in any way, come and talk to us and we can provide help and guidance.