University – here I come!

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I can’t believe the time has finally come to start applying to university. I have genuinely been looking forward to this time, I suppose as a sort of symbol of a major change in my life, for more years than I can remember.

However, now that it’s finally here, I can’t believe just how excited I am.

For those who read the column on a regular basis, you’ll be aware of the A and three Bs I secured from this year’s Higher exams. However, after a re-marking of my English paper, my results have gone up to AABB!

Not only does this make me the happiest girl in the world, but it also opens up so many new opportunities regarding unis you would not believe.

Yes, the majority of minimum entry requirements are ABBB.

But now that my results are actually over that minimum, the number of courses that I can apply for has just been hugely extended.

Now, for example, I can apply to the University of Aberdeen for English Literature as a back up if I don’t secure a place on any of my journalism courses, and that is something which is very reassuring.

Now, though, looking back to my exams, I’ve realised that actually applying to university is going to be as stressful as getting the grades to even secure me the places I was hoping for

One problem on the horizon though is that I am not looking forward to writing a Personal Statement.

I know I’m a natural loudmouth, but when it comes to writing about myself, it just doesn’t flow out as well as I would like it to.

The most confusing thing of all, however, is choosing which university and course is right for you.

I’ve only just whittled it down, so here’s the options – Caley, Robert Gordon, Stirling, Napier and Aberdeen.

Now it’s just a case of keeping fingers crossed, and hoping one of the first two accept me.

Journalism really is the number one study for me.