Uniform shopping had me in tears

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

It’s a very big day in the Kate household on Wednesday when my grandson Jack packs his lunch box and head for his very first day at school.

I am finding it hard to believe my cheeky little boy is ready for school and his mum has been a blubbering wreck all summer.

Jack has attended his local nursery for the past two years, so he knows some of his classmates and he seems quite excited for this new adventure.

It’s just the grown ups that are struggling.

I joined my daughter Emma on a trip round the Howgate to get him a uniform and supplies for his pencil case. The shops were very busy with back to school shoppers, especially my suggested uniform shop, Marks and Spencers.

When Emma and Gary were little I always headed to good old M&S for their jumpers and trousers. The quality is unrivalled in my humble opinion and while clothes from there might cost slightly more than the supermarkets, they wash well and last far longer.

So, Jack was in the changing room with his an armful of jumpers and trousers to try on. When he came out, Emma and I were in tears. Seeing him still so small and fragile, in his uniform, looking proud just sent me over the edge.

Luckily, the staff must be used to this kind of behaviour at the end of the summer holidays and a box of tissues was quickly produced.

Jack found it hard to understand why we were crying, so we explained it was just difficult to watch someone grow up.

He huffed “Well, everybody has to grow up Gran. One day I’ll be as old as you, then you can be sad.”

Yes, he’s definitely ready for school.

Emma got wee labels for Jack’s uniform, so they don’t get mixed up with all the identical jumpers and PE kits but it transpired she couldn’t sew them on.

Some how, she has reached 32, is a wife and mother to two as well as having a professional job, but cannot work a needle and thread.

So,it was up to muggins here to sew all 50 labels on to the items.

Perhaps I should put it to the Falkirk Counil education department that sewing be taught in all schools.

I’m not sure my poor thumb can take punctures every August for the next 15 years!