Uncomfortable experience in card shop

Falkirk Herald editor Colin Hume
Falkirk Herald editor Colin Hume
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What kind of service do you expect from those serving you?

The Smile Awards that we’re currently running have attracted several nominations for shop assistants who brighten people’s day with their cheery demeanour.

A smile and a kind word can certainly go a long way as our features on those who have earned a nomination show.

The very least we expect is civility.

Yes, we understand that they may be having a bad day but we don’t expect that to translate to the service they give us.

I’m sure we’ve all be in a situation when we’ve been feeling under the weather but have had to deal with a member of the public in a professional and caring way.

Not so, the assistant we encountered during our recent holiday down south.

Upset that her till wasn’t operating as she though it should, she threw the birthday card my wife was purchasing across the shop and, by way of explanation, said she was ‘‘having a moment’’.

That ‘‘moment’’ extended to castigating us for daring to check that the card wasn’t damaged and then trying to deny the incident had ever happened.

Thankfully, her fellow assistant displayed a bit more professionalism.