Two’s always better than one when it comes to pizza

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Driving back to the office with a colleague a few weeks ago, I said how Monday nights depressed me and that I wished it was Tuesday already.

“Why? Why are Tuesday nights any better than Mondays?” he asked.

“It’s Two for Tuesdays at Domino’s pizza, of course,” I answered.

“What’s Two for Tuesdays?” came the reply.

Shocked, I immediately offered my help.

“It’s a two-for-one offer. Have you never heard of it?”

His shake of the head did make me feel a bit guilty that my recent fast food binge had gotten a bit out of control.

Just a few nights before, the man who answered the phone at my favourite Chinese brazenly called me ‘Deborah’, and then guessed what I was going to order.

And, I was embarrassed to receive an email from another unhealthy outlet which began, ‘Dear regular customer’.

It’s really quite unfair as many nights I do cook healthy food, but when I cannot be bothered, I take an easier option.

However, I feel there’s people worse than me.

Waiting behind someone in the queue in McDonald’s last Saturday with my daughter, a mother told her child she couldn’t have McNuggets “because she had ordered that yesterday”.

So, there you have it, I’ve never been to McDonald’s two days in a row, therefore I’m not that bad.

While enjoying her Happy Meal, my wee one blurted out something about wanting an apple pie.

“Don’t speak with your mouth full,” I said with my mouth full.

“Mummy will make you a special apple pie this week,” I promised.

You see, I do cook healthy food.