Turning 30 is not so scary

Kirsty Beaton.
Kirsty Beaton.

Exactly one year ago I wrote an In My View on making the most of my last year as a 20-something.

I’d found an article online that suggested things to do before you’re 30 and while I had ticked a large number off my list, there were a good few still to do.

Well 12 months down the line I’ve not added a single extra thing to my bucket list. Abseiling? Nope. Went to a restaurant alone? Didn’t want to. Eaten a live insect? I’m vegetarian.

Did I finally clear out my wardrobe, chucking out the ridiculously high heels I’ll never wear again and the fashion disasters from years gone-by to make room for a streamlined, grown up wardrobe? No, my lime green fluffy jumper always gets a laugh when I drag it out.

So, I failed miserably in my quest to push boundaries before turning 30, which is in a couple of days from now.

But things that did happen this year, I clapped and whooped as my two-year-old son used the potty for the first time, I went on a frightening amount of lunches on days off and I ran my first half marathon, under my target time of two hours.

I envisaged having my life together by 30, one of those women with an impressive work wear wardrobe, someone who never leaves the house without being immaculate.

Instead, today I arrived at desk to realise I had some of my toddler’s porridge mushed into my trousers and I regularly come to work with mascara on one eye only - rocking that ‘Clockwork Orange’ look.

So, I’ve come to the realisation that I’ll never be one of those polished women with their lives totally together. But I suppose that is what getting older is all about, accepting who you are.