Turnabout celebrates 100 years of Juniors

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Lord Lieutenant Alan Simpson opened the Battalion’s alternative worship event, “TurnaBBouT”, on March 3, with good wishes and encouragement from our Patron H.M. The Queen.
Juniors from battalion companies paraded insignia showing their formation dates, so starting this celebration of 100 years of such age groups within the BB. Colours were paraded by 2nd Larbert (Old Church) whilst a boy from 1st Polmont (Brightons Church) raised the Union Jack; all to the words of the traditional 
BB hymn Will Your Anchor Hold.

A former member of 1st Larbert (West Church), Stephen Allison, a minister in training, introduced the Christian youth rock band Rise from Larbert Pentecostal Church which soon had the 400 strong BB audience cheering their modern Christian themed songs. Particularly for the younger members, the Falkirk People’s Church Puppets too had a similar response as they involved the audience with sing-a-long numbers and dance actions. Stephen Allison then conveyed his message of how trust and faith of previous generations had reached the boys of today, enhanced with intriguing stage magic!

1st Polmont officers dramatised a scripture reading on the place Jesus had for young people. Prayers were led by boys of 4th Falkirk (Trinity Church) with images portrayed on the giant screens alongside, which also enhanced all the items for the audience in pop-gig mode, courtesy of Sanctus Media, managed by Neil McLennan, an officer from 2nd Bo’ness (St Andrew’s Church)

Audience members included the Rev. Joyce Keyes, moderator of Falkirk Presbytery of the Church of Scotland, which, along with the central church had sponsored the event; Ann Gilchrist, the Scout Commissioner, and Falkirk Council Provost Pat Reid who presented book tokens to boys of 1st Denny & Dunipace (Westpark Church) and 8th Falkirk (Bainsford Church), best in an age group illustration competition.