Trying to fight writer’s block

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There are many things that bug me in life, as you’ve probably very well aware of if you’ve been reading this column for a while. But one of the things that annoys me most is writer’s block.

For you numpties that don’t know what writer’s block is, basically, it’s just a bit of a nuisance of a thing that makes reasonably intelligent people like me get a bit confused and completely stumped when it comes to writing essays, or, indeed, weekly columns.

I’m sure the astute amongst you have realised that there are weeks where I’ve written absolute nonsense and passed it off as a good excuse for a column. For example, I can’t say I’m particularly interested in wind turbines as one article a few months ago implied, and I’m sure that you are all completely or, in fact, overly aware that I’m “growing up” and that I “can’t believe how quickly things are moving on”.

People frequently ask me if I’m ever stuck for a subject to write about and my answer is always “no, not at all”!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a lie.

But honestly, it’s not just when I’m writing the column when the dreaded writer’s block decides to take a hit – try inventing short stories or completely original play scripts off the top of your head for Advanced English and drama.

It’s not easy guys.

I am sure that I’m in good company and that all those who have had work printed must have hit the dreaded block when their brain won’t function and they can’t begin to think what to write.

Seriously, it takes me a whole lot of thought and concentration to sit and write something, whether it be this, an essay or an imaginative piece.

People say that doing this is an easy way to make money, and frankly I shouldn’t be having any issues with it, but you try it guys, you try thinking of new ideas, every single week.

And then you will realise that this wee job isn’t as “easy” as you think.