Trying to enjoy the best times

Deborah Punshon
Deborah Punshon
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There are some moments in life that fly by, and others that you see happening in slow motion.

I had a day full of these experiences on Friday, a real mixture of good and bad.

For my birthday – which is May 6 if you want to pencil it in for next year – my friend bought me a ticket for ‘Hairspray’, playing in the Edinburgh Playhouse in 

She gave up on physical presents long ago and instead works on making memories – it’s a fantastic idea.

I had been looking forward to ‘Hairspray’ for months and, when the day arrived, I had nothing to do but text my friend the time of my train and pack my toddler off to granny daycare.

Never one to be ignored, Ailsa decided to throw my mobile phone on our driveway, shattering the glass into a million pieces.

Even through the throw resembled the speed of a bolt of lightning, I watched in horror and saw it all and heard it smash, all very slowly.

The phone now completely unusable, I wondered how I’d contact my friend – she was in the hairdressers, I was at home 50 miles away.

Ruling out carrier
 pigeon, I pulled her mum’s home phone number from a 10-year memory box and got her to sort it all out.

Despite being a bit late, a great night was had by all.

The dinner and pre-show cocktails went down way too quickly, the bill took far too long to come.

The show was over all too soon, and the interval toilet queue was a while’s wait.

So, is it just that the good things go by too fast and the not so good too slow?

Hangovers – always bad and seeming to be lasting longer as I get older – are a prime example.

I suppose we can only enjoy the good moments while they last and be glad bad memories never stay as fresh as good ones.