Truth is stranger than Harry’s story

'The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair'
'The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair'

‘The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair’ may only just have been published in the UK, but chances are you’ve already heard quite a bit about it.

Joel Dicker’s second novel has now been translated into English, but has already been a hit in his native French, so much so that Warner Bros have picked up the film rights.

There are startling similarities between the plot and the reception to the book, almost as if Dicker had written his own succes.

Marcus is the hottest new thing on New York’s literary scene, but when it comes time to submit his second novel, he’s completely stumped for ideas.

An author retreat with his friend Harry Quebert, famous novelist and his former college lecturer, seems like the perfect antidote to writer’s block, but when the 33-year-old murder case of a teenage girl is unearthed and Harry is put in the frame, Marcus begins a book he hopes will prove his mentor’s innocence.

As the young author’s success with his novel soars, even leading to a movie deal (you guessed it - with Warner Bros), Harry’s life falls apart. But as with any good book, there are a few twists in the tale...

‘The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair’ by Joel Dicker is published in hardback by Quercus, priced £20 (ebook £5.99).

Trudi Canavan, a bestselling fantasy fiction author from Australia, is set to delight readers yet again with Thief’s Magic. This first book in her new Millenium’s Rule Trilogy, at just over 550 pages, it’s a hefty but fascinating read.

The story follows two main characters, Tyen and Rielle, both of whom live in different worlds with different attitudes towards the use of magic. The narrative switches between the two protagonists equally as the pair’s stories are told.

Tyen is an archaeology student, who discovers a sentient book called Vella. Once a young bookbinder who was transformed by a great sorcerer, Vella holds the vital clue to the disaster facing Tyen’s world. Meanwhile, Rielle realises she has a talent for magic but is not allowed to use it in her world ruled by priests.

Although the pace is slow at the start, it soon picks up making this a must for fans of Canavan’s previous work and fantasy fans in general.

‘Thief’s Magic’ by Trudi Canavan is published in hardback by Orbit, priced £20 (ebook £6.49).