Trust your gut, there are still good people left in this world

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Every so often something happens which helps to restore my faith in humanity.

Whether it be a grand gesture of goodwill or a small act of kindness, once every so often someone comes along who defies expectations and makes your world a better place.

This happened to me last week and proved that trusting your gut is, at times, better than thinking logically.

Before I tell you exactly what’s brought on this wave of compassion I’m feeling, I have to say thank you.

I didn’t ask this woman what her name was, where she lived or what she did for a living. I simply asked her to read this week’s Falkirk Herald in the hope she might understand how grateful I am there’s people like her left in the world.

After walking home from work last Thursday, a woman pulled her car over and asked me if I needed a lift.

I immediately said no – not only was ‘stranger danger’ ringing in my ears but anyone who knows me well knows how close I live to work so I didn’t need a lift.

However, the woman pointed out to me that firstly, I had no idea who was lurking about; secondly, I was a young girl walking the street on my own; and thirdly, there was no way she was letting me walk home when she panics about her daughter coming home on her own.

It was that small act of kindness which caused me to hop in the car and let this woman take me the 15 second drive to my house.

I’ve always been taught never to talk to strangers but my gut told me this woman was genuine. It gave me a little bit of faith that some people do actually have other people’s interests at heart.

There might be a lot of bad in the world but that gesture reassured me that it’s alright to trust your gut sometimes.