Travelling by air is now weighing on my mind

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Notwithstanding my apprehension about navigating my way through an airport terminal to the departure lounge and boarding gate, details of which I’ve shared many times in this column, the suitcase is about to be taken from the loft space and dusted down in preparation for my latest ‘adventure’.

Just saying the phrase ‘the suitcase’ is the root cause of my angst this time.

It is one suitcase and one suitcase only for this holiday and because it is going to involve being away for the best part of three weeks, I’m already sweating over whether it is going to be enough.

I’ve checked the rules with the airline online and been left feeling deflated.

The maximum weight allowed, and to be fair this is in common with most carriers offering international flights from the UK, is 23kg.

Overpack the bag and I can expect to be hit with a £60 charge. Decide to try and handle two bags from the house to the car to the airport carpark to the bus to the terminal and check them in will attract a £40 fee - each way - and that equates to quite a few shandies!

Now I have been advised by Mrs B that I’m fussing over nothing because the 23kg allowance is way over what my holiday kit will weigh in at and one bag will be fine, but I’m not so sure.

Recent shopping trips and serious business with catalogue companies promoting the latest ‘must have’ tops and shorts this season have seen my clothing options grow at a quite ridiculous rate.

My view was that as I’ve bought it I’m going to pack it, but as departure date looms I admit I’m growing increasingly anxious, so I think cramming it all in and weighing up before we go is the most sensible way forward.