Tourism industry obviously a big fan of American TV

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American television produces some of the greatest ‘must-watch’ viewing.

Cable and satellite channels have given us ‘The Sopranos’, ‘The Wire’, ‘Gray’s Anatomy’, ‘House’, and, in my view, the best of the lot - ‘The West Wing’ - to enjoy in high definition.

In the Barber household over the years I have to admit some pressure has been brought to bear on wife and children to make my Christmas or birthday treat extra special by the presentation of a boxed set of the latest series of one of my favourites.

They have been heard to moan as each one is delivered and quickly unwrapped that I have not even watched the previous offering, gifted at the previous Christmas or birthday, and point to the fact, as if evidence was needed anyway, that many have still to be taken out of their cellophane and viewed on my state-of-the-art flat screen via my top-of-the -ange Blueray.

This is, of course, very true. There never seems to be enough time nowadays to catch up with the goings-on of POTUS in Washington DC.

However, at least as far as The West Wing is concerned, I’m encouraged by the fact the Scottish Tourist Board are clearly avid viewers because they have just lifted a classic storyline from one episode to promote ‘leaf peeping’ as an end-of-season tourist activity.

President Bartlet was intrigued this was a popular pastime in New England, but to be told the countryside around Scotland’s towns and cities offer similar opportunities was great news to hear.

According to the people in charge of our tourism industry the leaf peeping season across Scotland is well and truelly under way. I’m not really clear about what exactly it involves, but if it’s going to make money for our tourism industry I say let’s go peeping!