Tom is going to be just the ticket

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

I can’t tell you how excited I am that Tom Jones is coming to Falkirk - but let’s just say I’ll be there.

It’s such a thrill to know that a living legend is going to be on our home turf, and that we can go to see his fantastic show without even getting on a bus or a train.

The Voice from ‘The Voice’ is gonna be here - he’s the main man.

My mother loves him. I suppose he has that kind of age and experience she likes, that been-around-the-block vibe.

Not completely sure if mother will come along to the Falkirk concert, but hopefully she’ll find some of her own friends to go with.

Thankfully, I feel that I am not quite old enough to “hang out” with my mother socially. I’d never tell her that, though, she’d be offended.

Don’t get me wrong, my daughter and I do things together - lunches, shopping, the odd night in with a movie.

But a concert, especially one where there is the possibility of women throwing their underwear around, may not be the best event to have your 80-year-old mother in tow.

But can I really tell “mama not to come”?

I doubt she’ll want to go really, but one of the things I love about my mother is her ability to still shock me with her decisions, even in later life.

When I was much younger, she was always doing crazy things, but, because I was so much younger, I never thought too much about it.

She was mum and what she did and said pretty much passed without question.

Now, as an adult, I often think she has multiple personalities.

Classics from over the years include wanting to join some kind of peace corp in Africa, persuading dad to buy a McDonalds franchise in the late 80s, and dancing very inappropriately at my daughter’s wedding.

All this being said, I would still say that in general she is an anti-capitalist who hates “do-gooders”, and will stick her nose five feet in the air to women acting “lewdly”.

Despite the advancing years, you still never know.

Just last year she auditioned to appear on a TV quiz show - one of those ones that working people have never heard of. She was very excited about winning “lots of cash that will make things easier when I’m gone” but nothing ever came of it.

She’ll get her big break one of these days - and I fear proposing to Tom Jones may be in her next plan.