Toast 2015 without blowing the budget

Nicolas Feuillate Brut NV Champagne, Tesco
Nicolas Feuillate Brut NV Champagne, Tesco

See in 2015 with some of these classy bubbles – from budget-conscious champagne to a flute of something more fancy...

A catchy name that’s easy to remember (but not related to the fashion brand) French Connection Brut Champagne NV (£11.99 from £13.99, from December 29 to January 5, Bargain Booze) is part of a portfolio of French wines designed to make your wine experience a mix of quality, value and pleasure. It’s a classic blend of chardonnay, pinot meunieur and pinot noir, it’s lively and bright with a toasty, fruity freshness.

One of youngest champagne houses and number one bestselling brand in France, Nicolas Feuillatte Brut NV Champagne (£15 from £31.99, from now until January 6, Tesco) is always a crowd pleaser with its fresh, floral nose, medium fruit intensity and nice, nutty finish.

Lidl’s French wine section is going from strength to strength this holiday season and with nuggets such as Comte de Senneval, Champagne Grand Cru Brut, France (£17.99, Lidl) made from grand cru grapes from the finest vineyards retailing at less than £20, this could lay the foundations for a New Year’s Eve party with plenty of panache. Rich and toasty with the elegance and complexity you would expect from a grand cru.

For wine buffs who like a small grower champagne, Lucie et Sebastien Cheurlin Champagne (£18, an equal blend of pinot noir (for strength and body) and chardonnay (for structure and finesse). One to perk up the palate before the countdown begins, there’s apple pie and vanilla on the nose with nice rounded body and a long, clean finish.