Time to work
on my tumbles

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace
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Gymnastics plays a big part in my life and, although I’m not all that good at it, it still means a lot to me.

Gymfest – the big gymnastics festival that my team, Falkirk Infinity, attends every year – took place last weekend and it was absolutely fantastic.

Those who take part in Gymfest know how fulfilling it is to perform in front of 200 people and to receive a good response from them after your performance is over. There’s nothing quite like the sensation and relief after you manage to pull some sort of amazing tumble out of the blue, one you’ve just never managed to master in training.

However, this year Gymfest has had a different effect on me. I can openly admit that I do not feel that my performance this year was my best. I don’t know if it was down to the brand new routine or my unusually tight costume, or the fact that my entire family – plus my boyfriend’s family – came to watch, but the bottom line is I came away without feeling the normal sense of “Yay, I did it!”

The team ventures out to Athens in about five weeks’ time to take part in the annual Cosmogym festival.

Because we’ve been invited to this event twice now, the Greek organisers obviously think that our team is pretty good. Because of my disappointment at the weekend, I’ve been given a much-needed kick up the backside to get my gymnastics, and, more importantly, my tumbling, back into shape.

Believe it or not, backflips are quite difficult things. Hardcore tumbling doesn’t come naturally to me – I’m more of the bendy type – so I need to work hard at a tumble until I feel confident enough to do it alone.

I don’t care if I end up with bumps or bruises, I will persist until I am happy and confident with the tumbles I choose to do, and with regards to Gymfest, I was not happy with my tumbles at all.

I refuse to let this happen again. I may not be of Olympic standard, or have made Team Scotland for the Commonwealth Games, but I will not give up hope.