Time to use my ‘gift’ properly

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I have a gift, apparently. According to, well, everybody, I am lucky because I am naturally smart.

Regardless of what individuals class as ‘smart’, people say that I am it and that I’m one of the few teenagers nowadays that actually possess this talent.

Apparently, I have another gift.

Again, according to, well, everybody, I am one of the laziest people to have ever graced this planet.

As you have probably came to realise, the merging of my two ‘gifts’ aren’t exactly a winning combination, and this was undoubtedly highlighted at parents night which took place on Monday.

After rigorous discussions with my folks following the meetings, I’ve come to the quite remarkable conclusion that, frankly, I probably should have come to sooner rather than later.

Believe it or not, teachers do actually care about their pupils. A certain quote from my father: “The man was almost in tears” not only triggered my own waterworks, but made me understand that my English teacher is so passionate about not only his subject but about me passing this Advanced Higher that he’s almost crying over it. I don’t know about you, but that speaks volumes to me.

Being my second year teacher, he knows what I’m capable of and is clearly absolutely heartbroken because he believes I do not have the passion that I need to pass this course – the “fire in my belly”, as he likes to put it, is missing.

I know I’ve got it in me, and I can feel the passion burning away, but that’s just not getting across to him.

That’s really upsetting me. I have this gift, but I’m being lazy. I’m letting others be better than me. I’m letting one or two take first place. Does third or fourth place get an unconditional offer for a university? I think not.

So this marks a turning point for me. My gifts are amazing, don’t get me wrong, but I just need to apply them better to life right now.

I don’t fancy making my English teacher disappointed any more.