Time to take stock of time

Stuart Barber.
Stuart Barber.

Two weeks holiday away from the office this summer seemed like just two minutes.

Back in the day when I was organising the family break abroad it was only the ‘reward’ of 14 long and lazy days in the sunshine beside the pool that carried me through the stress of getting there.

As a rock star later wrote: “The days were endless when we were young, the sun was always shining, we just lived for fun” - and I made the most of every minute of it.

The days certainly seemed a lot longer then, but nowadays, not so much. After this year’s annual fortnight I’ve been left wondering where exactly does the time go?

In my view, this year has just flown in. I’m already amazed there are so few ‘highlights’ on the 2014 calendar remaining. Two family birthdays, Scotland’s World Cup tie against Germany, the Referendum vote, Halloween, Guy Fawkes Night and Christmas, that’s about it - and they are all approaching so fast.

Possibly I’m suffering a bit from the annual ‘holiday blues’ - or maybe it’s actually the fact I’ve recently ‘celebrated’ the start of my sixth decade that’s making me begin to realise the clock is always ticking relentlessly down.

I was warned about this of course. Ahead of marking the ‘Big Six O’ I’d been advised by friends who have already passed this milestone that time flies not just when you are enjoying yourself.

Back then I said “fair enough”. But now, as the days pass into weeks and then quickly into months, I’m thinking that apart from making full use of my bus pass (one of the perks of being my age) I really must get better organised and make every minute count.