Time to stop checking time?

Stuart Barber.
Stuart Barber.

Maybe it’s because we celebrated the wedding of our daughter earlier this year and now have the arrival of our first grandchild to look forward to early next year, that I keep asking myself: “Where does the time go?”

I’m honestly not exaggerating when I say it seems to me that one minute I was selecting the tartan ensemble I would wear on such a special of special days, and the next I’m planning (under supervision of course) a makeover of the spare bedroom so it will be nice and cosy when junior comes to visit in the spring.

Putting the study of colour charts and swatches aside for a minute, I also note the mornings are getting darker and the daylight hours getting shorter as we move towards the end of yet another year.

The summer holiday is a fast-fading memory.

In the last week alone we’ve ‘helped the guisers’ at Halloween, survived the bangs and booms of Guy Fawkes’ Night and now gearing up for the ‘adventure’ of hauling the tree, lights and baubles down from the loft to get the house ready for Christmas.

Just seven days later we’ll be toasting 2016 with friends - and a few weeks after that ‘celebrating’ my birthday!

When I was younger, December 25 could never come fast enough. As I grew older, the party on December 31 became the big ‘not to be missed’ treat of the year, but with just 43 days to go before the former and 50 to the latter they are both - in my view at least - approaching at a frightening pace.

Talk about moving too fast!

It’s all about being on the great rollercoaster of life I suppose, hurtling from one thing to another, but for me having the time to take stock would be a bonus.