Time to say bye but thanks for the memories

Deborah Punshon
Deborah Punshon

Unlike Sam Smith, I’m not any good at goodbyes.

But after eight years at the Falkirk Herald and 15 with Johnston Press, it’s time to go. It’s difficult to leave what has become a big part of your life, particularly when you’ve had so many amazing experiences in search of a story.

My highlights include rally driving with the late and great Colin McRae, re-sitting (and failing) my driving test, abseiling the Titan Crane, and serving dinner to the homeless on Christmas Day.

I enjoyed a stint as a consumer rights champion with the Get it Sorted column, and witnessed a cat enema during my vet-for-the-day series.

It’s also been cool to be one of the first on the Queensferry Crossing, surf the Dark Web, and be mum to a fake baby called Harry. I’ve also enjoyed giving talks to schoolchildren who thought I was super because I could write in secret code - aka shorthand.

There’s been the glamorous side of the job, like organising Face of Falkirk and being a model (hands and feet only!) for staff photographers.

Then there’s been the unglamorous side, like seven-hour council debates and nasty threats courtesy of court coverage.

Yep, all in the day job.

But I am most proud of the number of people who trusted me to tell their stories, covering everything from personal achievement to tragic loss.

I also leave with all the friends I’ve made at work over the years. They’re part of the reason why, during one of the most difficult times in my personal life, my professional life acted as a much-needed constant.

So, it’s sad to say goodbye, especially as I will always ask - will I ever have another day job like it?