Time to remember joy of childhood

You sometimes need to spend some time with children to see again the world through their innocent eyes.

Forget Brexit, American elections – don’t get me started or I will rant, yes rant, for hours – terrorism, the economy and even the weather. Yes just about everything that those of us classed as grown ups are prone to worry about.

Let me explain dear reader.

Last Saturday I was doing my dutiful granny role and had Emma’s two for the day.

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After a long week at work, I must admit rushing after two very active youngsters can be a bit of a thought.

But I put aside all plans for the chores in the house that I wanted to catch up on and vowed to concentrate on my two beautiful grandchildren.

We got off to a good start when the little one toddled in and said: “I love spending time at granny’s house. You’re lots of fun.”

That girl will go far!

I coaxed them into helping me change the bedclothes so I could make the most of the dry weather.

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Well with their help it took three times as long as normal as we made a ‘cave’ out of the duvet and played hide and seek under the covers, but hey, it was good fun.

After a quick spot of lunch and putting said washing outside to blow in the wind, we got wrapped up and headed to Callendar Park.

I’d forgotten the joy of kicking your way through leaf strewn paths but my pair soon had me joining in their fun as we kicked the piles high into the air.

I’m not sure what other passers-by must have thought but it was certainly a great stress buster – and lots of 

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Next it was home to make the promised hot chocolate which went down a treat before we started on our next fun task.

My grandson may be more used to spending his time with a digital tablet but on Saturday afternoon he discovered how you make the real McCoy.

We were very careful with the burning hot sugar but under my strict supervision they did get to measure out the ingredients and give the pot a quick stir – away from the cooker I must stress.

Then we waited for it to set, had lots of fun with bubbles doing the washing up then it was time for tea.

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We later enjoyed the fruits of our labour before their mum returned from her shopping trip.

They were despatched home to watch the fireworks – and strict instructions to brush their teeth well after all that sugar!

Looking after grandchildren, that’s not a problem, it’s child’s play.

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