Time moves on for Charlie T

James Trimble.
James Trimble.

My wee pal, son and heir to the Trimble millions is about to leave primary one behind and move to the next stage of his education career.

It seems like only last year Charlie left nursery and moved up to Bowhouse Primary – oh, it was last year – well you know what I mean. Time flies and all that.

My main point of reference – apart from the calendar – is the length of Charlie’s school breeks, which are currently showing a lot more sock than they used to.

I think he’s had a good year – he loves his teacher, has made some great new pals and learned so much.

I’ve actually enjoyed it too if I’m honest.

I don’t take him or pick him up as much as his mum does, but when I do it always gives me a lift seeing him in the playground with the other little school citizens.

I wish I could be a fly on the wall, or even a spider near the blackboard, for just a day to see what he’s actually like when he’s out of our clutches and in the hands of the school.

One person who never failed to ask me about wee Charlie was former Grangemouth community councillor Betty Adam who sadly died last Friday.

The term “lovely person” is used less and less these days – society is not really conducive to producing or maintaining “lovely people” anymore.

Betty was a lovely person though, and MSP Angus MacDonald, recognising the dedication she had shown to the community over the years, invited her to be his ‘local hero’ at the opening of Scottish Parliament in 2011.

I’m glad I was able to see Betty get the VIP treatment she deserved that day because she was one of my true local heroes and I’ll really miss talking to her.