Time for some sense and sleep

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

My former mother-in-law used to love dishing out “advice” to me in my younger days.

I remember many a time being lectured on countless subjects from my clothes, the way I cared for children, and how often I cleaned the bathroom.

But sometimes she was spot on.

She used to tell me that the only true way to look after my skin was to ditch the expensive face creams and focus on keeping wrinkles at bay in other ways.

She would berate skincare products, say that sleep was the most important thing, and tell me that fish, water and tomatoes should always be in my fridge.

Just as an aside, this is all slightly odd as she always bought me lotions and potions at Christmas, would wake me up early whenever she stayed over, and always pulled a face when she opened my fridge, no matter what was in it.

But I did smile when I read a report in the news this week about what could be done to avoid crows feet and other associated lines on you face.

There was the fish and the tomatoes, the sleep and the water.

Suppose it’s not rocket science, but it’s worth a read for men and women of a certain age looking to slow down the inevitable.

It’s also quite a sensible, refreshing approach to the whole annoying matter of wrinkles, a welcome change from my mother’s pessimistic opinion on the subject ...

“If you have children, then you will worry the rest of your days, and that will make you look older than you are and there’s nothing you can do about it.”


But, being the way I am, I realise both opinions have some merit.

Somewhere between the scientific approach of oily fish, antioxidants and protecting your skin from sun and the pearls of wisdom that only older women can impart, perhaps we can find a way to hold back the years.

Perhaps some lifestyle adjustments help us feel and look better, and hopefully we can, more often than not, try not to get too uptight about stress caused by children, or anything for that matter.

So if staying childless and eating a dinner of mackeral with tomatoes on the side most nights doesn’t appeal, then I also read that simply just being happy will make you look radiant.