Three Gazette editionsper year

I note the BB publication the '˜'˜Gazette'' will now be published only three times a year in July, November and March.

The July issue will launch a new campaign for session 2018/19 called ‘‘Raise the Bar’’ and provide support to assist with planning for the start of the new session.

For officers struggling with the General Data Protection Regulation affecting how personal data is collected and stored, the BB is taking a common-sense approach to compliance and has produced a guide ‘‘GPDR in the Company’’ to assist in understanding how this legislation affects a company and what needs to be done. Guidance can be obtained through BB HQ.

On November 11 the UK will mark the day 100 years before when the guns fell silent at the end of WW1. BB Companies are invited to take part as part of that national tribute or indeed locally where perhaps locally BB lads never returned or were wounded. There were many such boys welcomed into the forces because of their existing discipline and drilling already instilled in the BB. Details of the national tribute can be checked out on

Having previously mentioned companies going off for a summer camps, don’t forget if your being away is ‘residential’ you need to notify BB HQ.

A final reminder of the Brigade Conference 2018 which will be from August 31 to September 2. Open to all Officers and leaders, registration details can be found on

It is with regret that I convey the news of the death of Hunter McLay. Hunter was part of the team with his wife Christine who led the Anchor Boys at 1st Larbert. A former employee at Alexander’s he was well known for his interest in Camelon Juniors and football in general. In recent years, he was cared for by Christine whom we remember in our prayers along with family and friends.