This place has got Glasgow on a plate

Guy's - in the heart of Glasgow's Merchant City
Guy's - in the heart of Glasgow's Merchant City

The Spanish may have invented them as a way of keeping the flies out of their vino. Every style of dining may have since cottoned on to them as a great way of snacking with pals. But you ain’t tried anything until you’ve sampled the real Glasgow tapas.

Courtesy of Guy’s restaurant in Glasgow’s Merchant City, it’s Scotland on a plate. A jokey, delicious take on the kind of food that your mother would make.

plate of food from Guy's Restaurant and Bar, Candleriggs, Glasgow for Falkirk Herald eating out guide 29-05-14

plate of food from Guy's Restaurant and Bar, Candleriggs, Glasgow for Falkirk Herald eating out guide 29-05-14

Just thinking of it gives me a warm glow, the kind of feeling you get when you put your feet up in front of a coal fire with a steaming mug of cocoa in your hands - and I don’t even like cocoa!

Succulent pieces of steak in a smooth gravy enclosed in soft pastry; delicious minced beef with creamy mashed potatoes and completed by a portion of MacSween’s legendary haggis rounded off with a portion of fries. What more could you ask for - steak pie, mince ’n’ tatties, haggis and chips. Absolutely smashing.

It wasn’t the first time we’ve visited Guy’s. It’s one of a small group of restaurants we keep going back to whenever we are in Glasgow.

It’s relaxed, friendly, homely and welcoming. And its reputation for high quality food is well deserved.

It’s a-la-carte menu can appear a little pricey at first glance. But the quality of produce and standard of cooking make spending that little bit extra well worthwhile.

The restaurant boasts of its membership of the prestigious Scottish Beef Club meaning its beef and lamb come from quality-assured sources.

Just as much care is taken in sourcing its veal and the wide variety of seafood on the menu.

The pre-theatre menu, however, is a real bargain, especially when you’re not planning to make a night of it, just looking for a nice way of rounding off another day trudging round the shops.

The restaurant describes its menu as ‘eclectic’, saying there’s nowhere else in the city can you eat sushi, sashimi, mince and tatties, steak tartare or a variety of homemade ravioli at one table.

And I’ve got to agree. It’s great being able to sit down knowing everybody’s going to find something they really want to try - especially if you’re the one that always finds themselves having to make do with something you’re just giving a try.

The desserts are amazing - I went for a warm fruit crumble with custard, but it ‘s a great selection of ices - including one with olive oil - and a wide choice of artisan cheeses and biscuits.

As for drinks... well!