These superstars are just like the rest of us

The MTV VMA’s are always widely anticipated by both the music industry and its followers.

It is inevitable that the night itself, which this year was broadcast to millions of keen viewers across the globe, is full of bizarre twists and turns, but this year ceremony, in my own humble opinion, has been the most extravagantly mind-boggling to date.

However, behind all of the strange, dramatic antics that occurred I feel that we were given an insight into what our current music industry is all about: image.

It was no surprise that this year’s eccentric host, Miley Cyrus, would undoubtedly steal the show with her outrageous, controversial outfits. However, it was not her wardrobe that, this time, caused the biggest stir among viewers. Her ongoing spat with rapping sensation Nicki Minaj was brought directly into the public eye, as after winning the award for best hip-hop video she snapped at Cyrus for allegedly bad-mouthing her to the press.

Surprisingly, though, Cyrus responded rather graciously, lightly suggesting that words can get twisted by the media. Although Minaj may now be perceived by some as “the bigger woman,” I believe Miley here is the person who has come out on top.

It wasn’t only her whose image was somewhat lifted during the ceremony, and with regards to artists shedding their once blackened images at this years VMA’s, the list goes on. What is nice to see, though, is that these superstars, are just like the rest of us. Image truly is everything – they have shed the bad, and have gained the good, and I am sure that with doing so, will become even more successful as a result. Only time will tell.