There’s still time for that British spirit to be built up

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace

This time four years ago, Great Britain and the rest of the world was nothing less than completely captivated by the Olympic Games.

I remember sitting down with my whole family to watch the opening ceremony of London 2012 and from that trying to watch as many events as possible. Perhaps it was just the fact that we were the host nation which made the whole experience completely spectacular. Regardless, I had high hopes for Rio and couldn’t wait to become glued to the sporting action once more. It’s just this year, I personally can’t help but feel the games are missing their sparkle.

Possibly I’m being biased. I thought 2012 was one of the best games that there’s ever been. I have always been very grateful for the fact that I’ve been lucky enough to witness the Olympics being held in my home country and so, for me, I always knew London would be a tough act to follow. I’m not sure if it’s the shadow of Russian doping scandals or the lack of sleep I’ve had over the past few days to watch some of the events which has clouded my judgement, but Rio so far hasn’t quite been what I thought it would be.

And that’s just half the problem – the majority of events are after midnight. I get a kick from watching sport live and so to wake up and watch something where I already know who wins because it’s plastered over social media is a bit, well, rubbish. And talking of media, I feel like I haven’t seen an awful lot of Team GB in the run up to Rio. Last time I remember everywhere I turned, Team GB was there and so naturally I feel as a nation we backed them so much more. This time round I think the support is lacking somewhat.

All this being said, however, it’s still early days. The games started barely a week ago, so there’s still time for that British spirit to be built up in the lead to the athletics kicking off.

Where’s that fiery Brazilian passion, though? Give us some fire, Rio!