There’s no need to rush into things

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Parents often worry about their children but sometimes it’s the other way round.

Ellie is only 16 but despairs over her mother. She is an only child of parents who argued about most things and divorced two years ago.

Ellie stayed with mum and they lived together happily for a couple of years. She did well at school and progressed to college. She is a bright and lovely girl, mature for her age and prepared to work hard to get on in life.

In many ways she was the adult, keeping her mother right over many things.

But she was powerless to control her when mum met 'Mr Right' and, within a few short weeks, announced they would all live together.

Ellie was horrified. Her mum hardly knew this man and yet was going to move them both into his very small flat.

They argued but mum was not in listening mode. In despair, Ellie spoke to family and friends in the hope they could talk her out of it. But it was not to be.

The move therefore became inevitable and they packed their things and headed to their new home.

Ellie was concerned about how their mountain of belongings were going to fit into an even smaller flat.

Mum had confidently announced that he was bound to give way to her things as they were all newer than his but, in reality, this was not the case.

On arrival, the new man was horrified as they started unloading boxes, cases and bags. He reminded her that she had promised to have a clear out before she moved but this had amounted to a few items of clothing and none of her furniture or other belongings. Before long, a major argument ensued. Ellie was immediately taken back to the times her parents argued. Mum’s behaviour had again caused conflict.

Unable to stand it any longer, Ellie headed for her grandparents' house and is still there.

Mum’s new relationship is hanging by a thread as she had made assumptions that were wrong.

Chances are it’s a matter of time before Ellie and her mum are back living in a flat on their own.

If you do meet someone new, what’s the hurry? If it’s for real, it will endure. And if enough people try to talk you out of something, it’s quite likely they have a point.

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