There’s been plenty of dramas to keep me busy

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace

Well I’ve had myself a right wee busy week. Everything’s just seemed to have happened all at once.

Wednesday was the busiest.Those of you who’ve read my little column for a while, or know me outside of the newspaper, know how involved I get with musical theatre at my school.

Well, it was announced a few weeks ago that this year’s show is ‘Hairspray’, and I successfully got through the first set of auditions.

Wednesday brought the dreaded call back, which is pretty much your make or break between getting a lead role or not.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Corny Collins!

I cannot wait to wear fancy suits and have sky-high hair. It’s going to be great fun.

Sticking with the drama theme, we were given a whole load of acting pieces to try out for our final graded performance. The parts haven’t been finalised yet, but I’ve been doing a whole load of work on Tituba from ‘The Crucible’. Tituba is a Barbadian slave who’s been accused of “trucking with the devil”.

Her key scene is mental: she’s like screaming, and begging for mercy, and accusing people of witchcraft and she’s being accused of witchcraft and oh my goodness it’s just a bit insane.

I really hope the parts get finalised soon. I’d love to learn to do a Barbadian accent.

Then there’s the homework. So, so, so much homework. Again, drama. An essay in every week. On top of a French past paper and writing pieces every week. On top of maths past paper questions every week. On top of English essays and business NAB revision.

I’m not complaining, I do want to pass my exams. But five highers, wow, it knackers you out.

I do enjoy being busy, not going to lie. At least it means not just sitting on my behind twiddling my thumbs.No one wants that.