There’s always one isn’t there

Megazone was mega frustrating, but very enjoyable
Megazone was mega frustrating, but very enjoyable

When you’re entertain-
ing your children on their Easter holidays, there’s always one kid there who kind of bugs you.

The protagonist in my case was a wee guy who kept shooting me at the Megazone lasergame in Falkirk when I was there with my daughter, her friend and cousin last week.

I enjoyed the game and got into it during the second session, playing as if my life depended on it, making all the moves I’ve seen actors do in James Bond movies.

Louisa, Ava and Daisy were having a ball too, as were the players in the other teams. One of them was a group of young guys and girls, probably about late teens, 20 at the most, who obviously play regularly at Megazone, and were taking it a bit too seriously. Not a bad thing though as any pastime that involves youngsters doing something reasonably productive and not hanging about parks drinking alcohol is to be welcome in my eyes.

However, there was this one wee boy, he was quite small but I could tell he was older than he looked, who always seemed to be right behind or in front of me and would shoot me before I had the chance to get him.

If you’ve ever been in Megazone you’ll know that it’s like a maze, full of hiding places and spots to ambush opponents, but it seemed like this young chap was revelling in only targeting me – and doing it with military precision, much to my annoyance.

And when I did manage to get him on the odd occasion, he would simply run away, wait until his power pack was active again and turn up after a few seconds and get me again. Arrgh!

I felt like Bart Simpson when things went wrong for him and Nelson would be there pointing and shouting ‘HaHa!’