‘The Voice’ has finally won me over

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I’m not normally not a big fan of reality television. In fact, I’ll usually moan about how the obsession with these sorts of shows is killing the music and acting industries to anyone who will listen ... but ‘The Voice’ is my new guilty pleasure.

The main issue with programmes like ‘The X Factor’ and ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ is the mean nature of them. The entertainment - certainly from the first weeks of auditions anyway - is making fun of the terrible singers and deluded performers.

This cheap form of television creates five minute celebrities who get the fame carrot dangled in front of them only to have it cruelly snatched away again. Just look at past winners like Jai McDowall and Shayne Ward, both of whom experienced a descent from fame just as quickly as their ascent.

But ‘The Voice’ seems less gimmicky and more about finding real talent.

Yes, the programme makers stole the title of the annual Falkirk Herald talent search but that aside, there is not much else you can fault with it.

Every singer featured is of a good standard and no one suffering mental health difficulties has been wheeled on to ridicule.

A local singer - well known on the gig circuit - did Falkirk proud and was selected by Welsh legend Tom Jones to continue in the competition.

It’s refreshing to see someone that has slogged it out, playing thousands of gigs and really learning her craft, finally getting recognition for her talent.

Barbara Bryceland has a good chance at winning the contest and becoming a fully fledged pop star. And allowing thousands of Falkirk Bairns the opportunity to say - I saw her before she was famous!