The sun’s out ... but it’s left me short of skirts

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

What a difference a bit of heat makes! The whole world seems like a brighter place when the sun is splitting the sky.

The winter seems to have dragged on for an eternity this year so it is lovely to feel that the summer has arrived at last.

However, the sudden arrival of the sunshine has left me scrambling around for something to wear.

I had a bit of a clear out of all my old skirts and dresses at the end of last year, determined I would be a size smaller by summer 2013.

The diet may have worked but I’ve not actually managed to go shopping yet - it has taken so long to warm up I’d forgotten about the lack of clothing! This means I’ve been left with an assortment of jumpers and jeans to wear on the hottest days of the year so far.

All this is going to change at the weekend as I am planning a spree to buy a whole new wardrobe. I have some gift vouchers which Emma gave me for my birthday so it’ll be free shopping too which is even better!

As well as preparing for the sun here, I’ll be picking up a few things for my holiday to Cuba with Elaine and the girls in a few weeks time. Did I mention we were going on a free luxury holiday? I’ve been driving everyone at work mad talking about it - they’re all just jealous I know!

They weren’t so jealous of the injections I had to get to go though - my arm was aching for days afterwards!

According to the nurse who did the jags, there are quite a few people from this area going to Cuba this summer - so I’ll have to be careful about what clothes I buy!

I remember being on holiday a few years back and being able to spot the Primark bikinis, shorts and sunglasses all around the pool - I’d hate to be shown up in my five-star surroundings! Did I mention it was five star?

Whether the sun lasts the weekend, I don’t know, but at least I will be ready should it decide to make a return later in the summer!

And in the meantime, I’ll just console myself with Caribbean dreams!

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