The parking woes continue ...

Colin Hume
Colin Hume

We’re lucky at the Falkirk Herald to have plenty of parking available outside the office – and having an empty unit next to us helps too.

However, as you probably know by now, my job also involved travelling to various other parts of the country and often finding some place to leave my car can be a bit of an issue.

One of the worst is our Fife office where, although there is a car park, it’s too small to meet everyone’s requirements.

I’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve tried to tackle the issue – everything from a bollard (which those in small cars simply drove round) to the more controversial practice of slapping stickers on the windscreens of offending vehicles (and sometime those legitimately parked there as well).

The latest attempt involved the fifth incarnation of a chain across the entrance.

All well and good until you absentmindedly attempt to drive right through it scoring the paintwork of your new car in the process ...