The magic of camp at Hogwarts Castle!

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A Happy New Year to all who follow this column and to those Falkirk Herald staff who facilitate such endeavour.

What happens about now? Well, apart from making traditional resolutions, catalogues emerge through letterboxes advertising to glories of summer holidays. I thought I might promote a summer break, made known to me recently, and which boys of 8th Falkirk (Bainsford Church) will soon be aware. It may too inspire others yet to plan their summer activities? How about taking your boys to Hogwarts Castle, featured in the ‘‘Philosopher’s Stone’’ and the ‘‘Chamber of Secrets’’ with activities like learning to fly broomsticks from the castle and on to the Forbidden Forest; transport to the site by Hogwarts Express or travelling in a flying Ford Anglia 105E? Well almost! The site is alongside Alnwick Castle, the home of the 12th Duke of Northumberland who encourages visits. Think the transport is more likely to be by mini-bus and at least one activity be to see football at Newcastle or do I misjudge 8th Falkirk? The site lies just off the A1 about 35 miles south of Berwick on Tweed passing Bamburgh (a site used by 1st Larbert) and Seahouses (one often frequented by 2nd Bo’ness). The site is a bit short of last year’s Bainsford’s expedition to Flamingoland at Scarborough. Let’s hope the weather is kind and a great time can be anticipated.

What of BB resolutions? Bill Stevenson has resolved to stand down as secretary after 10 years on BB staff, the earlier part of which was as Scottish director.

Another resolution: To hold a venture called “Youth Voice 2020” in Stirling in February, to encourage seniors and young officers to better communicate the BB vision. Sounds worthwhile in developing confidence and life skills, transferable to future and employment environments. Perhaps a New Year resolution in which to be involved!