The little gift that meant so much to me

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace

It’s nice to feel appreciated.

Like, really nice. To know you’ve done someone proud, or done a good job, or just even made a little bit of a difference to someone’s life.

It’s the smallest things that are most heartfelt. To know you’ve done well at something – it’s fantastic.

I mean, last week, I got in from school, and sitting waiting for me was a card and a little gift bag from one of the kids that I used to coach.

Little Rory, from the minute I started coaching at Wallacestone, was absolutely oozing potential.

And now, two years on, he’s moved on and has landed a place in Falkirk Boys Gymnastics Club – the highest ranking boys club in town.

To go from a school gym hall with the basic mats and vault, to a fully kitted-out gym and to be that successful makes me feel really proud.

‘Thanks for everything, Sophie!’ and a little heart bracelet.

Honestly, it put the biggest smile on my face. To know I’ve helped in the coaching of Rory to the point where he is grateful for it is just amazing.

Being told you’re a let down though, it’s horrible. That’s the flip side. Knowing you’re just not good enough, it’s awful.

And the worst part is when you know you haven’t done good enough and that you could do better.

But it’s fine though, I usually pull my finger out soon enough.

I need to do good from the beginning more often though.

Because being appreciated, wow, it’s the best feeling ever.