The End Zone: Bengals could give my birthday boy a big Super Bowl surprise

Who'll win the 2015 NFL Superbowl?
Who'll win the 2015 NFL Superbowl?

Well that’s the end of the NFL’s 2014 regular season and once again my Chicago Bears will be watching the playoffs from their well furnished caves.

Unfortunately da Bears went into hibernation early, but my son’s favourite team the Cincinnati Bengals - they wear the same colours he does in Tiger Cubs - are in the postseason and, despite a tough loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the last week of the season, are still riding high.

James Trimble.

James Trimble.

Super Bowl 49 falls on Charlie’s fifth birthday so it would be a great present for him if the Bengals won it all.

That’s my sad deluded heart talking, however.

What my bad cynical head hisses into my ear is the mighty (boring) New England Patriots are going to claim their fourth Super Bowl trophy, with only last year’s champs the Seattle Seahawks, featuring fleet footed Russell Wilson, rhino running back Marshawn Lynch and a bone crushing defence, standing in their way.

I hope I’m wrong but there don’t seem to be any teams out there who can challenge these two powerhouses.

The Green Bay Packers, who won it all back in 2011, might have enough stuff to take on the Seahawks and then the Patriots, but I don’t think they have the depth of talent to last the course.

Then there are the Indianapolis Colts who seem to play better when they are 21 points down and Captain Comeback Andrew Luck finally gets going.

Also making it into the only games that matter are the resurgent Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys and Baltimore Ravens. I would put them just below the Packers and the Colts in the pecking order.

Right at the very bottom, unfortunately, are the Detroit Lions, the Carolina Panthers and the Arizona Cardinals.

I had high hopes for the Cardinals earlier in the year, but they have lost too many key players to injury to have a chance of going deep into the playoffs. The Lions are never as good as they or anyone else think they are - and they get to play the puny Bears twice a year - and the Panthers made it in with only seven wins, crawling out of one of the weakest divisions in the NFL.

These are predictions, however, and may not all come true.

Especially with me making them.