The dolce vita has its price

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace
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I was sitting in St Mark’s Square, completely minding my own business, when the weather decided to take a turn for the worse.

The wind was whooshing, the black clouds were forming above our heads and we could almost taste the rain in the air.

My lovely, and rather small, friend Cameron had nicked my jumper, which resulted in me pulling on my new favourite t-shirt (I had only bought it about 20 minutes beforehand).

It has a picture of a crying potato on it with the words ‘Forever Alone’.

After around five minutes of chittering and feeling rather quite sorry for myself, my other lovely, and rather tall, friend Nicole turned around and announced to the world that I, sophdawg waldo, had just been pooped on by a bird.


This was among one of the many highlights of my week-long trip to Italy. That was in between making new friends, jumping into the sea off pedalos, arguing about who was getting the shower first and exactly what time it was acceptable to get up and start getting ready in the mornings – we’ve come to realise half past six it’s not.

I was quite shocked at how expensive Italy actually was. I’ve came home with absolutely no money. Actually, that’s a lie, I came home with one euro and 60 cents. Mind you, I did buy myself two jumpers, a t-shirt, new Converse and a bandana, on top of presents for people and food. So, really, it’s my own fault. Oh well, it was worth it.

I’m so glad we all decided to go on that trip. It’s weird, because I’ve spoken to so many people and made so many new friends, and, if we hadn’t all gone on this holiday, chances are we wouldn’t have spoken to each other at all. Of course there were dramas while we were away, it would’ve been strange if there hadn’t been. But do you know what? That just added to the whole experience and made it 10 times more exciting and enjoyable. I’d be lyng if I said there weren’t times when I wanted to go home – I did miss my mum and dad a lot – but being with all my friends in a foreign country? I’d do it all again, without a doubt.