The countdown is over ... I’m escaping from the rain

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As you read this, I should be sunning myself on a beach in Turkey with my Kindle in hand.

After the most miserable June I can remember, I’m off to enjoy seven days soaking up the sun in the Mediterranean with my daughter, son-in-law and cheeky grandson Jack.

I’ve been looking forward to this holiday since it was booked in deepest, darkest January and it’s what has got me through the grey days we have been experiencing.

I do feel very sorry for anyone not managing to get away this year - because summer 2012 is looking like it might be a washout.

Already some of my beloved Andy Murray matches have been held up because of the weather and the poor youngsters heading to T in the Park this weekend are being warned they could develop trench foot in the terrible conditions!

I know it’s a cliche, but summers just weren’t like this when I was young.

I vividly remember summer holidays from school being seven weeks of playing outside and only stopping in at home for lunch and dinner.

The kids here have now been off for a week and there hasn’t been a single decent day yet. I’ve been watching Jack more since his nursery broke up for summer and during his first week off I planned to take him to feed the ducks at Callendar Park and go for a stroll along the canal.

But with flood warnings issued, the plans quickly changed to heading to the indoor soft play area and watching countless DVDs.

Stupidly, I told him in advance we’d go see the ducks when he was off and so he keeps asking with his wee hopeful face when we can go.

It must be so hard for mums and dads trying to keep the kids entertained during the holidays when the weather is so bad and trips to the zoo or safari park have to keep being postponed.

We are always being told that kids need to spend less time in front of the television or video games consoles and more time out playing. That is all very well, but when it won’t stop raining for five minutes it’s difficult to get them out and about.

Luckily Jack’s mood was lifted with the knowledge that he would be soon on a beach and yes, he could play in the sea as often as he wants.

I’m the dedicated babysitter for the holiday and will be going home with Jack when he gets tired, giving his mum and dad the chance to stay out and enjoy a few drinks.

But that doesn’t really bother me, I’ll be happy just to find a sun lounger in a sunny spot and have a good read.

I’ve downloaded 10 books in preparation for this holiday - including the much-talked-about ‘50 Shades of Grey’ - 
and plan on doing very little except reading and baking, while wearing factor 50 of course.

With the way the Scottish weather is looking, this might be my only chance to get some vitamin D this year!