‘The Collector’ keeps you guessing

'The Collector', Nora Roberts
'The Collector', Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts brings us a romance wrapped up a thriller that would equally be at home under her nom de plume JD Robb.

In ‘The Collector’, Lila Emerson is a professional house-sitter and a successful young adult author. As part of her daily routine Lila, with her binoculars for company, takes in a spot of people watching. She begins to watch a soap opera lifestyle unfold in the apartment block opposite.

One day a heated relationship appears to go a step too far when she sees a young model-type woman plummet to her death from her window. Lila reports this to the police, and puts her own life in jeopardy.

While giving her witness statement, Lila meets Ash, the brother of a second victim. She finds herself part of a larger mystery. What were they protecting? Why has the killer now set their eyes on her? As Ash and Lila grow reliant on each other, can they solve the mystery?

Marrying romance and a proper feel of danger, ‘The Collector’ keeps you guessing all the way.

‘The Collector’, by Nora Roberts, is published in hardback by Piatkus, priced £16.99 (eBook £5.96). Available April 17.

Michel Laub takes us through the defining moments in the lives of three generations of men from the same family in his short new novel ‘Diary of The Fall’.

The narrator can’t get past the guilt he feels for a schoolboy prank gone wrong and is blaming all of his problems as an adult on this one event from his childhood, while he explains more about what he knows of his father’s and grandfather’s lives.

His grandfather escaped Auschwitz and headed to Brazil to start a new life, where the rest of the story is set.

After his death, the family discovered an encyclopaedia-style diary of his life after the concentration camp, giving some clues to the secrets he never told anyone.

When the narrator’s father develops Alzheimer’s, he begins writing his own obsessive diaries and, in turn, his son diarises everything he finds out through reading his family’s notebooks.

‘Diary of the Fall’, by Michel Laub, is published in hardback by Harvill Secker, priced £14.99 (eBook £6.02). Available April 3.