The calm before the storm of a new session

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There comes a time each BB year when camps and summer activities are past and with the new session yet to start when reporting on activities within the battalion is challenging. However, behind the scenes there are stirrings to enable nearly 20 companies spread throughout Falkirk District to begin weekly meetings for busy and exciting times ahead; catering for boys from Primary 2 to S6. This pattern extends all over the country from the first BB company 1st Glasgow, back from its traditional annual campsite at Tighnabruiaich, to the most recently established units which go on allowing the organisation to continue growing. Perhaps your local company is planning celebrating the 100th anniversary of juniors in the Brigade? Help in this respect with posters, cards and ideas is available from the BB centrally, online. Maybe officers are planning to attend the BB conference in Manchester in September and, even if not, then their voting potential on the motions to be decided on can be done with a proxy vote. Planning is the name of the game during this ebb in activities. Bought any new gear this year ready for the start? Is it insured? Although the BB provides public liability insurance, its suppliers, Towergate, can also provide additional cover for particular needs of companies. Now is the time also to decide if your company will be taking part in the national competitions which, over the years, have successfully been part of our local activities. The Battalion resumes meetings and planning for this auspicious year when it also celebrates 100 years of its existence, having started during the dark days of the First World War. As this new session starts, there is much to anticipate with excitement and the signs are already in evidence with posters appearing along with fliers and intimations in the press, churches and schools. Best recruitment is achieved by word of mouth and personal invitation.