Thankfully Hurricane Gonzalo was all wind

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

Well thank goodness Hurricane Gonzalo is out of the way now and we can begin the big clean up.

Or not.

Yet again, the weather men - and women - got it wrong and the tail end of the tropical storm that was set to wreck havoc in Scotland ended up being nothing more than a damp squib, at least as far as Falkirk was concerned.

Not that I’m complaining. I still get scared when storms are predicted after the awful weather on Boxing Day 1998.

I spent the entire night awake and terrified my windows were going to blow in. I was lucky but a neighbour’s tree came down on their car and an acquaintance’s conservatory collapsed when a street lamp was blown down on top of it.

Anyway, I digress, but since then every time a storm is brewing I get frightened.

So with the Met Office predicting Forth Valley would be hit with Hurricane Gonzalo, I took action on Monday night, taking in all the garden furniture and kids toys and attempting to secure the trampoline with sand bags so it couldn’t blow away.

And I still got a restless sleep that night, worried I hadn’t put enough bags on the trampoline and would wake to find it in the canal but in the end the storm didn’t get any worse than a few wheelie bins on the street blown over.

My mother’s flight to Benidorm took off without a hitch and the blustery weather was nothing more than a good drying day.

My little grandson Jack was most disappointed at the lack of hurricane when he woke up on Tuesday.

Seems he had confused a hurricane with a tornado and thought Munchkin people would be outside following the storm.

He’s dressing as The Scarecrow for Halloween so I think the wee lamb has ‘Wizard of Oz’ on the brain.

My daughter is throwing a Halloween party at her house for Jack and Sophie and their pals at the weekend and I’ve only just been informed that adults too are supposed to dress up.

I loathe dressing up so I am struggling to come up with a costume.

Maybe I should stick with the ‘Wizard of Oz’ theme. I’m sure many would tell you I don’t have to under go too much of a transformation to become the Wicked Witch of the West!